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i miss working in a pizza shop

Philadelphia, PA • 08/21/2007

im 27 and have been working in kitchens since i was 14. ive done every job there is between the front of the house and the back. ive cut cheese steaks, made hoagies, prepared all kinds of salads, have written my own menu;s, done all ordering, have hired and fired. my last 2 positions were as a sous chef downtown. i miss working in a pizza shop,i need a serious break from the high stress kitchens ive been in over the last few years. i would really like to learn to make pizza;s, when i was 17 i worked in a pizza shop, mostly made hoagies and cheese steaks, started to learn pizza's, but had to go back to school before i got the full hang of it. i am a cool guy to work with, who gets along with everyone, always does whats best for business, and is as dependable as they come. im also willing to take a pay cut compared to what ive been making over the last couple of years.



Posted by: OhSoHandy User

Located: Philadelphia, PA

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