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Win a Free iPhone!

Having used an iPhone for months now I can tell you it is truly an amazing device. Finally I can browse the web on a phone without wanting to toss it off of a tall building. And it's by far the best cell phone I've ever used. We love our users and want you to love us back so we're giving away a 8GB iPhone and we're making it drop dead easy for you to enter this contest:

  1. Think of your favorite restaurant (or bar, cafe, etc.)
  2. Write a short review of it on OhSoHandy

That's it! You are now entered in the drawing. Once we reach 400 new reviews we'll be closing the contest and randomly drawing the winner.

What can I do to increase my odds of winning?

Write more reviews! Every review you write counts as another entry in the contest and increases your odds.


If you do either of the following and you are the randomly drawn winner we'll upgrade your free iPhone to the whopping 16GB model!

After clicking the button below, select a city, and then click the reviews section. If you can't find the restaurant you want to review you can add it to our site.

Philadelphia not your city? From our homepage choose the city you want to write a local review in, and then click on the reviews section.