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Philadelphia > Real Estate > Rentals Wanted > Less than two weeks and I still dont have a place to live next month.

Less than two weeks and I still dont have a place to live next month.

Philadelphia, PA • 08/22/2007

Okay, heres the deal.

Ive been freaking out since the end of July when everything went to hell in a hand-basket.

I need a temporary room for the month of September, starting August 31st.

Ive been posting on here for the past couple of weeks and nothing is working out.

Im a 24 year old female non-drinker and non-smoker. Id prefer you not be a smoker or at least an outdoors smoker. I work but other than that I am lo-key and spend most of my time at home or commuting( walking ) to and from work.

I am looking for a place preferably with a female but Ill listen to any options. I DO need to stay within a certain area because I do not have money for SEPTA thus, I walk anywhere I have to go.

Either in Center City, and as far out as Spring Garden ( North ) and Reed ( South ). Oh, and no farther than 22nd West.
Please dont bother me if you live in Wayne and Doylestown. I mean seriously, Im pretty much over getting my hopes up just to see that you actually live no where near here. As of now I have no where to go next month so, please dont waste my time.

I can afford 300 bucks for the entire month but if youre willing to go any lower you have no clue how appreciative Id be.

Oh, and it would be excellent if you have internet, especially wireless. ;)

So, thats pretty much all. Thanks a lot for reading!


Posted by: OhSoHandy User

Located: Philadelphia, PA

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