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Rehab Deals on REHABLIST.COM!!!

Philadelphia, PA • 09/14/2007

With an already developed and widely used network, post your listings for free on for all investors to see. Have others shop your deals for you and find buyers rather than waiting! This site was a springboard for me into real estate investing success. After struggling to get off the ground, RehabList did all the legwork for me to make deals and invest successfully.

List & Search for Undervalued Properties for Free!

In addition, get free access to valuable conference calls for information that can benefit experienced investors as much as new ones!

Be the first to see the new listings in your area!!

Sign up for our Free “Hot List”. We will send you email alerts as soon

as the properties are listed. Just register your name, email and the

area you are interested in. You will be notified of the listing the

minute we get it! No obligation, and you can remove yourself from the list if you so choose.

You have nothing to lose by visiting the site now at and signing up for our Free Real Estate Investing Course. Full of information and videos on buying and selling houses, finding great deals, getting financing for purchasing, and information on reselling your finished properties. Visit our Investment Forums for all your Questions and our Articles and Products to help you with your Investing Business.

Email me personally and I will put you on my list of recipients for all of my deals, since there are too many for me to handle. Skip the auctions and all the legwork. We find deals, evaluate them, comp the prices, and provide you with the details you need to find a deal that will work for you!

Notify me of your buying criteria immediately, and you will be the first to receive my listings! Simply leave your name, contact information, and price and housing type criteria, and I will go to work for you at no cost to you!


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